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Dance to Your Favorite Hits With the Petty Or Not… Tribute Band

Written By: Amber Ogden Tom Petty Tribute Band

Selling over 80 million records worldwide, Tom Petty will be remembered as one of the best artists of all time. Shocking fans with his passing in October of 2017, his music lives on in the hearts of rock and rollers forever. And what better way to celebrate the legend than with the Petty or Not… tribute band at Holiday on Feb. 24? Holiday is known as the spot for the best live musical performances, so here are five more reasons to not just attend this tribute, but to rock-out, Petty style.


  1. Pay Homage to a Rock and Roll Great

Petty will certainly be there in spirit as fans sing along with the likes of the Petty Or Not… tribute band. For a sneak preview of what’s to come, head to the Petty Or Not… website for videos and sound clips.


  1. Free Entry Before 10 p.m.

Not having to pay an entrance fee just gives you more money for happy hour from 7-9 p.m. Get there early to grab a spot at the stage and discounted cocktails.


  1. The Venue

Holiday’s sleek and upscale lounge makes for the perfect spot to soak in the good vibes only Petty’s music can provide. With the rustic wood-carved bar and low-lit ambiance, this 1900s French-style plantation house is undeniably cool.

  1. Become a Heartbreaker (Just For One Night)

All of our hearts may be broken over the loss of Petty, but channel that energy and become a heartbreaker while belting out the words to some of your favorite hits.


  1. Dance!

Petty or Not… plays Tom Petty’s throwback tunes across Southern California, and you won’t be able to control that itch to dance. With their lead singer’s resume including performances with Bernard Fowler of Rolling Stones and American Idol finalists, you’re sure to feel like Petty himself is playing just for you.

719 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627