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From OOTDs to Wellness Routines—Meet the Real Influencers of OC

The Power of Influence Is More Than a Pretty Picture

Influence. It’s a superpower. A sixth sense. A subliminal je ne sais quoi. And it reigns supreme on the internet.

The term “influencer” has become the ultimate buzz word—a title that few have but many covet. From macro to micro, a person’s social media presence can reach beyond the boundaries of a screen and right into our home as these individuals boast the power of persuasion when it comes to just about all facets of everyday life. It’s more than just outfits, skincare, wellness routines, and workouts—albeit, it is a lot of that too. These digital personalities have found their niche and built incredible online communities that translate beyond likes and follows. We’re talking full-blown careers filled with lucrative collaborations, partnerships and sponsors as well as meaningful connections that often start out online and end up being fortified IRL. In Orange County, there is no shortage of social media mavens carving their name into the content-creation space.

Before we get started, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the acronyms that permeate the social media world. We have a list here to get you started:


Glossary of terms

OOTD: outfit of the day
AMA: ask me anything
IRL: in real life
GRWM: get ready with me
DM: direct message

Now, Let’s meet the real influencers of the OC.


Kaitlynn Carter

Instagram: @kaitlynn

Credit: Longchamp

Originally a New Hampshire girl who took her talents to LA before transplanting down to Orange County, Kaitlynn Carter has a certain calming energy about her as she navigates motherhood with her two children, Rowan and Willow. She is always impeccably dressed up or down, depending on whether she’s attending some fancy LA event or chasing after her adrenaline-loving toddler. Her page includes lots of good hacks, from optimizing your skincare routine to nourishing your littles. Plus, she’s always generous with her discount codes (hallelujah!).  

When did you get started on social media?

“I started a personal blog in 2009 when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. The blog was called Mimi Moonkiss, and I’m pretty sure that name was inspired by an online quiz my mom had sent me to determine my stripper name!”

What’s your favorite platform and why? 

“I really only use Instagram. Although I like to think I grew up in a technologically savvy generation, I get totally overwhelmed by new platforms. It takes up enough of my time to create reels and compelling content for Instagram. I try not to let social media take up too much space in my life—and that’s a battle I’m often losing.” 

What’s something your followers might not know about you? 

“I worked as the assistant to the CEO of an asset management company that had hundreds of billions in assets under management for many years before I moved to LA. During that time, I lived seasonally among Palm Beach, London and Boston.”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you!

“My first pet was a black rat named Cali. I’m also an ambassador for the American Wild Horse Campaign—check it out @freewildhorses!


Delaney Childs

Instagram: @delaneychilds | YouTube: @delaneychilds
538K Followers | 233K Subscribers

Top Influencers in OC
Credit: @clayhendrx

Delaney Childs is an OC It Girl. Recently engaged, Childs gives her followers a front-row seat to her life as she builds it with her new fiancé, Clayton. She’s a beach girl who is not afraid to show a little skin, and we’re here for it. Childs has mastered the art of makeup and often takes her followers through her getting-ready process, from foundation to finishing spray. She’s young, beautiful and in love—what more could you ask for?

When did you get started on social media?

“About seven years ago.”

What’s your favorite platform and why?

“I love Instagram because I love photography. But I also love YouTube because it allows you to connect on a bit of a deeper level.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you?

“That I actually drive quite frequently, and I’m not always a passenger princess. But of course when I’m driving, I never document it—because I’m driving!”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you!

“I love cultural anthropology! I love sharing this with people because it’s usually a topic they aren’t familiar with, and I get to introduce them to one of my favorite things in the world.”


Jen Curley

Instagram: @jen_curley | TikTok: @snackqween
56K Followers | 1.4M Followers

Top Influencers in OC
Credit: Jen Curley

Jen Curley is social media’s unofficial official snack queen. She can be found munching all over multiple platforms and sharing her favorite treats and eats from egg roll bowls to oxtail soup. She sprinkles in a little bit of mommy blogging and maternity content with a healthy dose of GRWM reels. Her recent posts have been centered around satisfying her pregnancy cravings with baby Curley No. 2 due this summer. Check out her hilarious pregnancy announcement here, which is a sequel to her original one back in 2016!

When did you get started on social media?

“July 2020.”

What’s your favorite platform and why?

“TikTok is definitely my preferred platform. It’s relatable and authentic.”

Who is your favorite follower/person you follow?

“Favorite follower: Drew Afualo.
Favorite person I follow: Elyse Myers.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you?

“I’m actually a very private person IRL!”


Sabrina Chazen

Instagram: @sabrinachazen

Top Influencers in OC
Credit: Arianne Moshayedi

If you follow Sabrina Chazen, you will find her realness and unfiltered take on life as refreshing as her “shacuzzi” AMAs. She is fashionable without feeling far fetched and incorporates size-inclusive shopping options to celebrate that being a woman isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. She has coined the term “carpool catwalk”—referring to the unofficial fashion show that is picking your kids up from school—and has had meaningful partnerships with major brands like Show Me Your Mumu, Buru and Fabletics.

When did you get started on social media?

“I had a plus-size fashion blog, Sample Size 16, in 2009. A year into the pandemic, I decided to jump back into the game. I made my Instagram profile public, and it’s officially almost been two years now!”

What’s your favorite platform and why?

“Instagram. Maybe I’m aging myself, but it just seems to be the most user-friendly and comprehensive [platform]. I can’t seem to get into TikTok even though I’m endlessly told it will be the perfect avenue for me.”

What has been your favorite brand partnership and why?

“Show Me Your Mumu continues to be a source of joy, creativity, inclusivity and just an all-around terrific experience. I’m so grateful!” 

Give us your favorite fun fact about you! 

“I studied abroad in Prague, I’m an All-American athlete and I cry at the ‘Parent Trap’ every single time—both versions.”


Jenna Rainey

Instagram: @jennarainey | Youtube: @JennaRaineyChannel
221K Followers | 269K Subscribers

Top Influencers in OC
Credit: Michael Radford

Jenna Rainey is the quirky cool, creative best friend you didn’t know you needed. She’s wildly talented and totally silly and gives her followers a healthy dose of both sides. Rainey owns a variety of businesses and shares her entrepreneurial energy with her followers by offering online courses and how-tos through her various social channels as well as her recently revamped website. An avid and incredible watercolor painter, Rainey is giving cool girl Bob Ross vibes, and we are here for it.

When did you get started on social media? 

“I started posting my work on Instagram back in 2012, when the term influencer didn’t exist.”

What’s your favorite platform and why? 

“My favorite social media platform is probably YouTube currently. It’s my largest audience and is a more predictable platform than Instagram because it’s a search engine as well. I also really love Pinterest because I don’t have to be on there a ton, and we get great website traffic from there.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you? 

“I am an extremely competitive person. We can thank the 14 years of playing competitive soccer.”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you! 

“I’ve taught William Shatner (Captain Kirk) watercolor at a private home in Malibu before!”


Jennifer Burnham

Instagram: @jenniferglifestyle

Credit: Bryce Burnham

Jennifer Burnham, known to her friends as simply Jen, has perfected the art of the OOTD. Her style is a little bit coastal and a little bit comfort with a dash of East Coast prep. She shares all of her favorite anti-aging hacks, from fractional lasering at Skin Laundry to her nightly use of frownies to prevent fine lines. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Burnham’s 18-month-old, Baxter, who makes all-too-cute cameos from time to time on her page. This is a wholesome, happy follow; the only danger is to your closet, which might end up being filled to the brim with all her linked looks.

 When did you get started on social media?

“I started my blog in November 2013.”

What’s your favorite platform and why? 

“Instagram because I love that it serves as a timeline for all of my favorite life events and keeps them organized. Anytime I want to remember something fun, especially about my son, I always add a photo or video on Instagram, so I can look back on it easily.”

Who is your favorite person you follow?

“Arielle Charnas from ‘Something Navy.’ I’ve always loved her and her style; plus, her family is the cutest.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you?

“I’m afraid of heights, so I literally cannot stand being on a ski lift or a steep escalator or anything high up without freaking out.”


Sweat & Tell | Joanna Olandt & Jacquelyn Romney

Instagram: @sweatandtell | TikTok: @sweatandtell 
84.9K Followers | 44.6K Followers 

What started out as a fitness-inspired account for Sweat and Tell founders Jo Olandt and Jacqs Romney has evolved into an overall health and wellness platform complete with the launch of their very own product: an aerosol-free, clean dry shampoo and beauty brand called Jay Beauty. These two make working out look so aesthetically pleasing that it could make even the biggest couch potato want to throw on a matching sweat set to complete one of their Instagram live workouts. In following this account, we have had a front-row seat to the first love part, then comes marriage and, now for Romney, a baby (actually, babies—she’s pregnant with twins!) in a baby carriage. 

When did you get started on social media?

“We started Sweat and Tell back in 2018 when we were working at our first corporate job together shortly after college graduation trying to navigate work-life balance.”

What’s your favorite platform and why?

“We love Instagram since it’s been our bread and butter since day one. With the social media landscape shifting to more short form video content, Instagram has been an incredible space for us to share reels while also staying connected to our audience through Instagram stories and DMs.”

Who is your favorite person you follow? 

“@jayshetty provides incredible thought-provoking posts while still making it feel light-hearted. He is a great source to use to reflect inward and remind you of how to stay true to yourself.”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you!

Jo – “Paris Hilton complimented my outfit one time LOL.”

Jacqs – “I have been skydiving twice! Also my family had 20 cats at one point LOL. It’s a long story.”



Christine Barraco

Instagram: @christinebarraco

Christine Barraco brings a little bit of everything, from fashion and toddlerhood to interior design, all while baiting us with drool-worthy recipes and fun food features. As the owner and founder of women’s clothing line Huxley + Harper, Barraco is clearly a creative—showcasing her own designs on her athleisure-chic comfort wear. And we love when her little London gets the spotlight because who doesn’t need more cuteness in their lives?

When did you get started on social media?

“I started becoming active on Instagram around 2012.”

What’s your favorite platform and why?

“Instagram is what I mainly use. I like that it’s gone in more creative direction lately, and people can really flex their content-creation skills on the app. Also, anyone can grow their following. I like to look at Instagram almost like a mini reality TV show inside each person’s page. It also connects me and keeps me in touch with people across the world.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you?

“I’ve always been a little bit of a rebel; I have a fun, wild side. I’m definitely a free spirit.”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you!

“My first is that I can pretty much look at a full refrigerator and quickly create recipes. I can almost taste the flavors together. Cooking is really a passion of mine, and I love a good food pic! I was also a residential realtor for eight years before one day deciding to go a completely different route and start my own brand, Huxley + Harper.”


Cait Regan

Instagram: @caitregan_ | TikTok: @caitregan
39K Followers | 101.8K Followers

Cait Regan is the quintessential beach girl with her year-round tan, insane head of hair (yes, it’s all hers) and whisper of freckles sprinkled over her cheeks. She has redefined the “fit check” game with the inclusion of her mini me, Rhythm, and gives followers a healthy glimpse into her life as a devoted mom, adoring wife and overall badass who dresses a little like a “Rocket Power” character. We love seeing how she spends her days with her two kids, the latest wellness rituals she is into (hello Kali wellness) and her infamous gal pal gang that includes fellow influencers Jenna Rainey and Jeanette Aranda.

 When did you get started on social media?

“I started working with brands here and there in 2017 and went full-time with content creation in 2019.”

 What’s your favorite platform and why?

“Ah, that’s a tough one! I’d say it’s a tie between Instagram and TikTok. I love the aesthetic and vibe of Instagram photos, but I love the ‘real’ feel of TikTok. It’s so casual, relatable and I find myself laughing out loud at so many videos.”

What’s something your followers might not know about you?

“I was a hip-hop dancer for over 12 years; it was the first love of my life!”

Give us your favorite fun fact about you!

“I had a pet rat and pet goose growing up.”

Jane Adler is a marketing and branding consultant by trade, but a writer by preference. She shares a name with Meryl Streep's iconic character from It's Complicated and is presently trying to manifest that life (particularly that Santa Barbara house) for herself. Jane is an avid consumer of content and carbs and often used the latter to write on the former.




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