15 Packing Tips That’ll Have You Double Tapping This Blogger’s Feed

#GirlBoss and Travel Pro Justine Cuenco Shows Us Her Fave Packing Tips

Written By: Justine Cuenco Weekend Getaway Packing Tips
Photographed By: Krizia Loechle Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

Expert: Justine Cuenco, www.cococuenco.com
Credentials: Brand Manager, REVOLVE Weekend Getaway Packing Tips
Bucket List: To visit Cuba, Spain and Greece. Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

Remember the days of Xanga, Friendster and Blogspot? If you do, you’re probably pushing about 30, like me. From what started with a “Dear Diary” blog with the occasional picture quickly turned into a shared photo album with the world. Who would have thought creating content and sharing it would be my destiny? I’m a true believer of manifestation and my job at REVOLVE is the definition of that. I work with some of the most inspiring women and travel the world to capture these moments to share with you. Two years ago, the pages of my passport were bare. Today, I’ve traveled to 10 different countries. I’ve learned and taught myself a lot of packing tips and tricks along the way. Here are my top 15 things you need to know before traveling.


Get it Together!

Calpak packing cubes. Organize your life, label everything and save room!


I Need Some Space

When you are headed somewhere cold and have bulky pieces, space saver bags are literally a lifesaver (the pump is small and travel-ready).


This is How We Roll

Roll everything! It saves the most space in your suitcase.


Prep Game

Download all documents on your computer that you want to work on just in case there is no Wi-Fi on the flight.

Tune Out

Bring your own headphones (with a cord JIC). Plane headphones are the absolute worst.


Power Up

Invest in an Anker external charger. The large charger can give up to 10 full charges.

Health Kick

Pack healthy snacks for the plane; plane food is shit and usually unhealthy. #SodiumKween


Clean Slate

I live for baby wipes. This is the cleanest way to travel. They are perfect for cleaning everything!


Catch Some Zzz’s

Melatonin or dream water for long flights. It helps when trying to adjust to your new time zone.


Snooze Button

Always bring your Cabeau neck pillow and sleeping mask, so you can have the most restful sleep on the plane.


Jot it Down

It’s crucial to make a packing list—even down to your Q-tips.


Throwback Accessory

Fanny packs for life. It’s easy to access important things like your boarding pass and passport.


Game Changer

Wear your heaviest piece of clothing or heaviest pair of shoes on the flight; coat or boots.


Sips Ahoy!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The flight will dry your skin out. Drink H2O before and during your flight.


Leg Room

If you have a long flight, book an aisle seat (it’ll make your lavatory visits much easier).

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