Accessorize With These Unique Statement Pieces From Around the World

Freshen up your wardrobe this spring with some artisan bling! Zense Collection offers a curated collection of statement necklaces, bracelets and handbags from around the world. This Palm Desert boutique on El Paseo is chock-full of goods, gathered by mother-daughter duo, Penny Gundry and Melissa Perko, who’ve turned their passion for shopping and travel into an experience for others to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peak inside their unique collection of hand-crafted accessories. Zense Collection Palm Desert


Black Rubber Necklace 



Rubber Coins Collar Zense Collection Palm Desert


Small Leather Bag  Zense Collection



Neoprene Printed Necklace



Circular Pearls Necklace


Glass Tubes Necklace



Short Fabric Necklace  Zense Collection


Long Fabric Necklace



Zense Collection
73255 El Paseo, Ste 20
Palm Desert, CA 92260


Photography Provided By: Zense Collection

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