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The Smart Home You’ve Dreamed About Is Here

Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling Walks Us Through How to Create the Smart Home of Your Dreams

For over 15 years, the award-winning Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling has helped San Diego residents transform the look and design of their homes. Integrating state-of-the-art technology with gorgeous and functional design, the Kaminskiy team understands how to create “life-changing spaces for clients.” Smart Home Products

Founder Sergei Kaminskiy has strong expertise in helping homeowners turn their spaces into smart homes. Smart homes utilize a system to connect appliances through a remote-controlled device. This technology enables homeowners to automate functions in their homes and conveniently control aspects like temperature, security, blinds and sprinklers. Along with centralizing these in one place, homeowners can easily monitor their energy use, which saves money, while customizing their homes to fit their family’s needs.

For smart homes, Kaminskiy prefers to use products from audio-visual company Crestron Electronics. “[We use] Crestron because it is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems for the office and home, reinventing the way people live and work,” he says. “Crestron streamlines technology to improve the quality of life for people in their place of business and their homes.” Bridging convenience with technology, Crestron’s products help manage aspects like audio, video, lighting and temperature control.



Sergei Kaminskiy’s Must-Have Crestron Items

Crestron has a variety of products to fit your needs, from audio setups to workplace solutions. Kaminskiy recommends starting with Crestron’s light-control and shade products. “Light control and remote, automated shades are some of my favorite products because it makes life so much easier,” explains Kaminskiy. “It is amazing to be able to touch one button and see your home ambience transform in seconds.”


Your New Favorite App

Ready to simplify your life? Download the Crestron app to connect with your Android, iPhone or iPad; this makes it easy to control settings from your personal device! With the touch of a button, you can control aspects like lights, security and media. The intuitive app utilizes smart graphics in its interface and allows you to stream video easily.

Smart Home Products

Remote Controlled

If you’d rather use a remote than a smartphone, the Crestron TSR-310 is a sleek device equipped with a touch screen, backlit buttons and sensors for movement and light. The backlit buttons enable users to browse menus, listen to music and navigate TV displays with ease, regardless of the light level. Programmed to understand over 25 languages, this 3-inch handheld remote also has voice navigation and dependable Wi-Fi capabilities to augment your smart-home life even further.


Safe and Secure

Security implications are an important consideration when thinking about transforming your house into a smart home. Crestron is deeply committed to security and utilizes innovative technology—AES encryption, 802.1x authentication, credential systems, TLS security protocol, SSH network protocol and more—in their products to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure devices stay secure and protected.

Smart Home Products

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Photography Provided By: Crestron




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