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5 Reasons Collagen Is the Magic Ingredient to Your Daily Routine

Take This Supplement Everyday and Reap the Benefits!

“Feel great. Do good.” That’s the mission of leading collagen brand BUBS Naturals, which donates 10% of profits to charity and looks to positively impact lives with high-quality supplements—collagen being their most passion-driven purpose. After collagen supplements had significantly enhanced their physical well-being more than they ever thought possible, founders Sean Lake and TJ Ferrera were inspired to introduce its benefits to everyone they knew. And while they could go on and on about the positive impact it has on the body, here are the top-five reasons to hop on a collagen regimen ASAP! Best Collagen Products Why Collagen Is Essential


1 | Protects Joints + Supports Bone Health

If you experience joint pain, you’re in for relief. Studies have shown that a consistent collagen intake can lessen joint pain and reduce bone degradation. Reason being, collagen is one of the main elements of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones, providing them with elasticity and structure. Lexie Sandvig, Marketing Manager for BUBS Naturals, recalls the almost instant changes: “When I first started exercising postpartum, I felt soreness in my hips and knee joints I had never experienced before. It was recommended to double up my daily collagen dose; I felt a drastic improvement within eight to 10 days.”

Best Collagen Products

2 | Strengthens Hair + Nails

Strengthening your body inside and out, collagen plays a role in increasing strength in hair and nails! Collagen is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and amino acids, which are the building blocks of strong nails. You’ll also find collagen in many hair products, as it plays a role in hair growth and increases shine. External application, however, does not allow the hair to properly absorb the benefits it has to offer, so opt for increasing collagen intake from within to see maximum benefits. The Fountain of Youth Formula, a BUBS favorite, is a blend of collagen and biotin that’ll even have your hairdresser asking you to spill your secrets.

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3 | Promotes Heart Health

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At this point, are you even surprised that collagen also plays a role in promoting heart health? The body’s blood vessels largely rely on collagen for their shape, which is why when we begin to age, the blood vessels in the face have decreased collagen production, causing wrinkles. Aging spares no blood vessels, which is why the vascular system is also affected. Taking your daily dose of collagen helps to strengthen weak, fragile arteries associated with aging and keeps the blood flowing to and from your heart, ultimately helping to prevent dangerous heart conditions.

Why Collagen Is Essential

4 | Builds Muscle

Not inherently a protein supplement, collagen has several of the amino acids found in other muscle-building powders like creatine, ultimately assisting muscle growth. It can be especially beneficial in improving the effects of sarcopenia—the loss of muscle mass that comes with age. As for athletes, collagen can aid in the buildup of muscle mass, improve general performance levels and speed up muscle recovery time. Research also suggests that it helps stimulate muscle growth post-exercise—an added rest-time bonus! Though not considered a complete protein, athletes can heavily benefit from a consistent collagen regimen.

Best Collagen Products

5 | Encourages Digestive Health (+ Lowers Inflammation)

Your digestive tract is no exception when it comes to collagen’s expertise in improving connective tissue. It helps maintain a healthy stomach lining, preventing what is known as a “leaky gut,” which causes gas, bloating, cramps and food sensitivities. An unhealthy digestive tract also doesn’t allow your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your diet, something Sandvig is well aware of. “For me, gut health is the unspoken hero of collagen benefits. A healthy gut allows you to properly digest and absorb all the other nutrients you are putting in your body.”

Why Collagen Is Essential

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