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5 Proven Ways to Get Your Wellness Back on Track, According to Influencer Cody Weston Andrew

It’s Time to Whip That Booty Into Shape!

Utah-based blogger and influencer Cody Weston Andrew is a true renaissance man. Boasting a unique knowledge of everything from high fashion to luxury vehicles, this family man is always working to maintain his mind, body and businesses. Whether he’s at the gym staying fit, traveling the world testing out the latest tech or simply spending time with his wife and kids, Andrew is constantly looking after his physical and mental well-being, leaving his audience with only one question: how does he manage to do it all? Here are Andrew’s five tips on how to get your physical and mental wellness back on track! Cody Weston Andrew Tips

Cody Weston Andrew Tips

1 | Establish a Morning Routine

According to Andrew, developing a morning routine is of the utmost importance. “A routine is essential. Every morning, I wake up, drink a tall glass of ice water and take a moment to focus on what I want to accomplish that day,” he says. “The faster you get into a routine, the more beneficial it will be. Without a routine, you can’t track progress, and you won’t see improvement.”

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2 | Bring the Right Tools for the Job (or Workout)

While working out and staying in shape can be tough, having the right equipment can make all the difference. “[During the pandemic], it was hard to hit the gym, so we ended up turning our garage into a small home gym studio,” Andrew explains. “Equipment like Tru Grit’s Grit Runner made working out at home so easy. The Grit Runner’s six different resistance settings allow me to incorporate cardio into my routine without putting too much stress on my knees or my wallet.”


3 | Take the Guesswork Out of Eating Healthy

With the sheer multitude of unique diets and cleanses available, eating healthy can often seem like an elaborate labyrinth. Andrew says to skip the mind games and stick to the basics. “I don’t like guessing games, so I keep it simple. Strict diet regimens can be so hard to sustain; there’s always going to be something that you mess up on. A healthy dose of protein in the morning and hitting all the essential food groups throughout the day is usually good for me.”

Cody Weston Andrew Tips

4 | Make Mental Health a Priority.

Cody Weston Andrew Tips
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As a man of many obligations, Andrew knows the importance of taking time to care for one’s mental health alongside the physical aspect. He says, “Mental health is just as important, if not more important [than physical]. Take a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day, with no distractions, to recenter and refocus. Just thinking about the things you are grateful for and the vision you have for yourself can be so beneficial.”

5 | Take Time to Relax and Reset

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Although Andrew is diligent in maintaining his routine and maintaining his own well-being, he also knows the importance of taking time to relax and unwind. “In the afternoon, once you’ve put in all your work, time and energy, take time to unwind and decompress,” he explains. “Step away from the computer; step away from the phone and regroup. Just closing your eyes for 10 minutes can make all the difference when you’re trying to get through that afternoon slump.”

Cody Weston Andrew Tips

Cody Weston Andrew




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