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Feel Your Best Inside and Out With This Nutritionist’s 5 Gut Health Tips

It’s Your Time to Bloom! Enter Your Healing Era Starting With Gut Health

Say goodbye to sluggish days tucked in bed with Netflix asking if you’re “still there.” Instead, enter your wellness era with a reset from the inside out. Alexa Ryan, nutritionist and founder of It Comes Naturally, helps people reach their full wellness potential with her super supplement, Pure Blooms. This plant-based powder is jam packed with over 30 therapeutic nutrients that improve digestion, clear up skin and boost overall mood. Step into the best version of yourself with Alexa’s five simple wellness tips for optimal gut health. You deserve to feel amazing all year long! 

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1 | Identify Food Intolerances

Katie Oswald
Credit: Katie Oswald

The first step to radiance is identifying the root of your problems. The problems can be something you aren’t even aware of. Certain foods, which will differ from person to person, can cause inflammation and wreak havoc on gut health. “I always recommend looking into food intolerances as a wellness starting point” explains Alexa. Rather than allowing unidentified intolerances to control your mood, take back the power! Find out and eliminate foods that cause more harm than good with the help of a doctor. Alexa even offers food intolerance testing for those who want to identify the root of their issues.


2 | Support Your Gut Health With Proper Vitamins and Nutrients

Katie Oswald
Credit: Katie Oswald

A quality and consistent supplement routine fuels the body with life-giving nutrients. Alexa puts it this way: “Pure Blooms packs a punch with high potency and high-quality ingredients to maximize therapeutic impact.” Pure Blooms can be taken in two ways to support specific goals. The Daily Dose, for everyday nutrition, is a single-scoop super supplement that can be added to smoothies or coffees to strengthen the gut, skin and immune system. The 14-Day Reset serves as a wellness jumpstart for a deeper, transformative experience.



3 | Eat Prebiotic- and Probiotic-Rich Foods

Gut Health Tips
Credit: Katie Oswald

People throw a lot of health advice out there, so let us break this one down for you. Probiotics are good bacteria needed for gut function. Prebiotics are the life-source of probiotics. Both are needed for balance, and a well-rounded flavor palate is an added bonus! Alexa cued us in on essential pre- and probiotics from her grocery list. “Garlic, onions, apples and dandelion greens are a few examples of prebiotic foods, while fermented foods that are full of probiotics include sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir and apple cider vinegar.”



4 | Focus on Your Mental Health

Credit: Katie Oswald

Optimal physical health lends itself to a high quality of life, but mental health is even more important. “Your gut and brain are deeply connected,” explains Alexa. “Your neurotransmitter production actually starts in the gut.” This phenomenon of gut health directly impacting mental health is called the “gut-brain connection.” There are so many ways to protect your mental health, but Alexa recommends practical tips to practice daily, like prioritizing sleep, managing stress and, of course, working towards a happy, healthy gut.



5 | Be Aware of Your Toxic Load and Exposure

Toxic Load and Exposure
Credit: Katie Oswald

Toxins, such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates and heavy metals, hide in foods and household items. This sounds scary, but it becomes manageable when brought down to the basics. Alexa encourages awareness of toxins in order to avoid them. But try not to stress about previous exposure. Pure Blooms also works to drain the body of existing toxins. Alexa shares, “It’s important to support drainage pathways in the body to eliminate these toxins,” which is just one way she transformed her life and is transforming the lives of others.

Unlock your full potential with Pure Blooms. We have a gut feeling you won’t regret it!

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