Nikki Mostofi
Credit: Frank Ishman

How Wellness Guru Nikki Mostofi Balances Strength, Mobility and Inner Peace

Add These Wellness Practices to Your Daily Routine

Growing up as a competitive dancer, Nikki Mostofi is no stranger to the hard work it takes to sync a body with movement, but after high school, she was looking for a new way to connect with herself. That’s when she found yoga—her first step towards a holistic lifestyle and a fulfilling career. Holistic Wellness Coach

“It was everything I didn’t know I needed. I was still able to use my body, but the perspective was different; the approach was different,” Mostofi explains. “Instead of using my skill set for competition, I was using it as a way to get curious, feel my body and strengthen my intuition without having an end goal.”

Nikki Mostofi
Credit: Frank Ishman

After reacquainting herself with her body, it was time to explore her mind and spirit. “Curiosity led me to breathwork. I was expecting nothing—I had no idea what it offered, what the point was—I just wanted to try it,” Mostofi shares. Within the first 15 minutes of a 45-minute class, Mostofi had a deep, systemic response that led her to shake and burst into tears. From that moment she understood how essential breathwork practice was to her sense of emotional balance. “It’s one thing to know, but it’s another thing to feel,” she explains. Holistic Wellness Coach

Yoga may have been the beginning of her journey, but Mostofi has since branched out into other forms of holistic fitness, including breathwork, sound baths and a unique take on personal training that combines different practices and techniques and focuses on strength and mobility.

“My goal is to make sure that my mental body, my energetic body and my physical body are all taken care of evenly and one isn’t highlighted over the other. They’re all intimately connected,” Mostofi says. This is a sentiment she shares with her students and clients as much as with herself. “My goal is to hold space for all of it, for myself, for living a holistic, well-rounded and balanced life.”



Rapid Fire With Wellness Guru Nikki :

Local Bite?
Anything off Gracias Madre’s Taco Tuesday menu

Staycation Spot?
Anywhere in Laguna Beach, especially Hotel Joaquin

Fitness Studios?
MOXI3, Ekam Yoga and Infinite Training Systems

Wellness Guru Nikki Mostofi

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