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System Pavers’ Jennifer Ressler Shares How to Build Your Own Backyard Oasis

Written By: Jordan Nishkian
Photography Provided By: System Pavers Best Landscapers Southern California

Expert: Jennifer Ressler
Credentials: Regional Vice President, System Pavers – Southern California

After work, you walk into your kitchen to pour yourself a drink, and that’s when you see your backyard through the window. Barren and unused, you always fantasized about transforming that patch of dirt into that lowered firepit you saw on your vacation in Maui. Fortunately, there are seasoned, passionate professionals who can help you turn these dreams into reality. One of these professionals is System PaversRegional Vice President Jennifer Ressler, and here are her five tips on transforming your backyard into a dreamy oasis.


1 | Backyard Escape Best Landscapers Southern California

“Cancel out noise pollution from traffic and neighbors by adding a water feature, thus creating a tranquil meditation oasis or place to kick back and read your favorite book!”


2 | Party Headquarters Best Landscapers Southern California

“Patio parties are awesome! Don’t run indoors when the sun sets, keep the fun going all night by adding a firepit to help cast a warm, illuminating glow over your outdoor entertaining space.”

Native Knowledge: System Pavers will also help you add the final personal touches to your backyard, such as planters, fountains, birdbaths, statues, sculptures, tables and benches.

3 | Relax and Unwind 

“Catch up with family and friends, from morning coffee to a relaxing dinner with a beautiful sunset, by adding a pergola for shade throughout the sun hours.”

Native Knowledge: Having a hard time visualizing the end result? System Pavers’ Online Design Discovery session allows you to preview your desired space before you decide!


4 | Dining Done Right

“Al Fresco dinners featuring steaks and seasonal vegetables grilled to perfection make for an evening well spent, so head to your outdoor kitchen and give your indoor kitchen a break. Accent tables with festive décor—it’s all in the details!”

Best Landscapers Southern California

5 | Game Stop

“Whether you want to play bocce ball, host a putting contest, or simply play fetch with Fido, adding turf will give you a yard to bond with your favorite people and pets.”

Native Knowledge: System Pavers offers a variety of SP Turf® to accommodate every lifestyle, including residential lawn turf, pet-friendly turf and performance grade putting green turf!


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