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5 of Our Favorite Thrift Shops in Los Angeles

Leave Fast Fashion Behind and Get Creative With Your Wardrobe at These LA Thrift Stores

Thrifting is all the rage these days, and with more people leaving fast fashion behind, sometimes it’s a challenge to find second-hand shops that haven’t been picked to the bone. The thrifting game has shifted from glum to glam, especially in LA, which has made buying used garments a trendy way to build your wardrobe; however, finding good quality pieces isn’t always as simple as it seems. Thankfully, we’re here to help! So whether you’re a vintage enthusiast or a frequent thrifter, here are our favorite spots to spend the day thrifting in LA.  



In the heart of Los Feliz lies the mecca of true vintage: Squaresville. This two-story, red brick second-hand store, focusing its sourcing on thousands of one-of-a-kind, timeless garments, will exceed your vintage dreams. Whether your passion for fashion lies in ‘60s dresses or Y2K-era streetwear, every shopper can find something they’ll love here. With new pieces brought in daily, Squaresville will be your new go-to spot for unique pieces that will remain in your closet for years to come.

Location: Los Feliz


Jet Rag


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Looking to snag a deal? Jet Rag is the place! Located on Santa Monica Blvd, Jet Rag has some of the cheapest finds with racks brimming with all sorts of items from classic denim to antique designer bags. The shop’s stark metallic signage and red storefront make it easy to find and caters to both menswear and womenswear. Once you walk in, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothing on display, but take your time because there are true gems hidden amongst the racks! And make sure to get there on Sundays to dig through their $1 clothing bins. 

Location: Hollywood


Vintage Vortex

The most highly-rated vintage shop in LA on Yelp, Vintage Vortex is a must-stop destination for savvy thrifters. Upon entering, shoppers are greeted with electro-industrial and Goa trance music that permeates the space. The interior will bring you all the way back to what Melrose used to be in the ’80s with its racks of retro finds and vintage collectibles. In other words, this is not your average thrift store. Vintage Vortex sits in the heart of Thai Town next to rock ‘n’ roll bar Harvard and Stone—a buzzy, industrial-style bar with live music. Stop by this iconic thrift shop and prepare to find some seriously retro gems!

Location: Los Feliz




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You can’t call your thrifting day a victory without visiting Melrose’s Wasteland. With their infamous metal Wasteland sign and blasting indoor music, Wasteland is the quintessential LA cool-kid destination. While Wasteland is well known in LA for sourcing some of the rarest and finest designer pieces on the market, the store also carries a wide variety of affordable popular brands. Keep your eyes open too because you might even catch a celebrity shopping right alongside you!

Location: Melrose 


2nd Street

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Right down the street from Wasteland is your second go-to on Melrose—2nd Street. At 2nd Street, you’ll find tons of pre-loved clothing and accessories all organized by brand, which makes thrift shopping even easier. The staff is highly knowledgeable and here to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Their glass cases are consistently overflowing with fairly priced designer bags and jewelry. From Japanese streetwear to an array of the trendiest brands and designers, 2nd Street’s selection of secondhand is superior. 

Location: Melrose

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