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Enter a Chance to Win Free Tacos All Year and Remember the Night With Photobooths

Written By: Kaitlin Palma Coyote Grill

Laguna’s favorite taco heaven is turning the big 3-0 and wants you to be there to celebrate! On Sep. 24, Coyote Grill is hosting its biggest bash yet. Complete with party favors and a specialty drink, this is bound to be an anniversary to remember. We chatted with General Manager, Desirée Gomez, to get you all the details. Need reasons for making those plans?


1 | Taco-bout a Tuesday Coyote Grill

As if anything else needs to be said, we’ll say more anyway. In addition to celebrating your making it through Monday, you should always make time to celebrate tacos—always. If that doesn’t do it, how about this: because of the occasion, Coyote Grill is extending their happy hour to, well, all day. It may only be Tuesday, but as far as Coyote Grill is concerned, it’s pretty much a Laguna holiday. 


2 | Oh Snap(shot)! Coyote Grill

The best nights always seem to be accompanied by photobooths, or at least we think so. What better way to commemorate your fabulous Tuesday night than a snapshot of you and your favorite peeps just having a good time? Think of it as a souvenir or a keepsake—Coyote Grill’s treat.


3 | And the Winner Is… Coyote Grill

Throughout the week, all restaurant-goers will have the opportunity to enter into the anniversary raffle. If you’re a fan of the house-favorite Calamari Tacos, you’ll want to hear this next bit of news. The Grand Prize winner will receive free tacos for the entire year! Haven’t had them? “The calamari [are] breaded and fried—anything breaded and fried is obviously delicious—put in a flour tortilla, our secret sauce, cabbage, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes and cilantro,” muses Gomez. If you’re dedicated enough, that’s a chance to celebrate Taco Tuesday every day of the week—all year! 

4 | Raffled-Off Tees

As it turns out, every party person has a chance to be a winner on the big night! Coyote Grill will be raffling off custom, occasion-exclusive t-shirts throughout the entire event. So, come hungry (and thirsty), and ready to leave as a winner. 


5 | Cheers to the Dirty 30

An event this grand obviously deserves its own cocktail. The Dirty 30, which includes the smoky sensation of mezcal, the citrus tang of Cointreau and a few other secret flavors, will be available just for you, party-goer, on the big night.


What’s that? Sep. 24 has freed up? Oh, how funny.


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