Daredevil Stina Hübinette Talks Stunts, Racing and Hollywood Ambitions

This Stunt Driver Shares What Gets Her Wheels Spinnin’

Written By: Reed Ryley Grable
Photographed By: Erik Isakson  Stina Hubinette

A silver Lamborghini Huracán drifts throughout Lamborghini Newport Beach, burning rubber and doing 360-degree spins while gracefully passing high-class cars awaiting to be sold. At the wheel sits Stina Hübinette, a renowned stunt driver with years of experience in road, endurance and time racing. The video of her Huracán drifts was posted online and has since become a viral sensation.

Hübinette is a Northern Sweden native who grew up driving go-karts in the summers and riding sleighs in the winter. When her boyfriend at the time (now husband Samuel Hübinette) earned his green card in 2001, Stina came to visit Southern California in 2004 and chose to stay. Samuel, who’s also a stunt driver, used to work as a driving instructor where he’d help clients of car manufacturers drive on-track. While attending many of these driving events, Stina became knowledgeable about the road and learned how to pull in good lap times. Recognizing her natural abilities, Samuel became invested in putting Stina behind the wheel. 

“He saw the potential in me and thought if I started road racing to build up my reputation as a good driver, I would make it to the Hollywood industry as a stunt driver,” Stina says. She performed well in many road racing events, having earned a spot on the podium in several, and eventually got a break into commercials. “I’ve been blessed to be super busy with different manufacturers, and I love every job I do.” Since then, Stina has been featured in a variety of commercials as a stunt driver, including a Super Bowl commercial for the Audi e-tron, and she doubled for Maisie Williams in “Game of Thrones.” Most recently, she performed as a stunt double for Naomi Scott in the new Charlie’s Angels movie. I guess you can say she has officially made it to Hollywood. 

A Duo With Drive: Since Stina and her husband, Samuel, are both stunt drivers, they’ve had many opportunities to perform together, which is a unique bond for the two. “We are super blessed to get to do this together as a husband-and-wife team.”

Drifter Dreams: Among her favorite cars are the Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2, which she performed in her viral video. “That car with our VF engineering supercharger was just an amazing super car. And to drift in a supercar is magical!”

Stina Hübinette

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