Photo By: Ed Visions
Photo By: Ed Visions

13 Coffee Shops in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa That Give Us Life in the Morning

Java Minute? Here’s Our Roundup of the Best Roasters in Town

Written By: Priscilla Ng and Jane McGraw  best coffee in newport

Whether you prefer your caffeine from Costa Mesa or a Newport Beach brew, these local coffee shops are sure to put the pep back into your step! From pink espresso machines to Australian baristas—swoon—these java joints will have you jonesing for your morning jolt. We’ve curated a very special list of all the best coffee shops in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. You can thank us later… but first, coffee!

1 | Aussie-Style best coffee in newport

Common Room Roasters

If you were ever curious about how the Australians make their coffee, now’s your chance. Common Room Roasters originated in Australia and is a fully functioning roastery. You can actually watch them roast your coffee on-site, and if you really want the full experience, order their showcase drink, The Pour Over. It’s a single-serve drip coffee which they make right over the counter for you to see. Pop into their shop sometime and you might just catch one of their special in-house coffee cocktails made from cold brew and espresso. “We roast our coffee in a way that’s very sweet. It’s a modern style of roasting that sets us apart,” says Ed Moffatt, one of the owners of Common Room Roasters. “We buy really beautiful coffee beans. Only the best that we can find.”

Native Knowledge: Follow their Instagram for information on how to attend one of their free brewing classes. Each session is about 15-20 minutes. You can ask all the questions you have about how to make the best cup of coffee.

Common Room Roasters
882 Production Pl
Newport Beach, CA 92663

2 | Come Here for A-Latte Art

Balboa Lily’s

Swing by Balboa Lily’s and Boardwalk by Balboa Lily’s, located in the cozy community of Balboa Village, for one of their most sought-after drinks: the Chocolate Almond Coconut Mocha made with a house made chocolate ganache, coconut and almond natural syrups, and decorated with beautiful latte art. “It’s one of our most popular coffee drinks with a chocolate nutty flavor similar to an Almond Joy candy bar,” Balboa Lily’s Barista Manager Chanel Garcia, says. If you’re looking for a relaxing hole-in-the-wall local café to enjoy the summer at, Balboa Lily’s and Boardwalk could be the perfect place for you. “What makes our cafés stand out is the playful menu and sense of community. We’re like [a] family here and we try to give our customers the same experience.”

Native Knowledge: You can try asking for barista Kara to paint a portrait of you on your latte.

Balboa Lily’s
711 E Balboa Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92661

3 | More Mocha Mocha Mocha

Portola Coffee Roasters

The OC Mix is famous for having an aesthetically pleasing community of shops and restaurants. Portola Coffee Roasters, one of the highlights of the OC Mix, is driven by the pursuit of perfection. The owner, Jeff Duggan, actually journeys to the far stretches of Africa, South America and Central America to find the best-harvested coffee beans, and brings them back to Costa Mesa just to make you the most carefully crafted, perfectly brewed cup of joe.

Native Knowledge: Try their mocha with almond milk. You won’t be sorry!

Portola Coffee Roasters
3313 Hyland Ave, Ste B2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

4 | The New Community Coffeehouse

Kéan Coffee

If you’re sick of Starbucks, come to Kéan Coffee and enjoy a new modern take on the rustic ambiance of good ol’ family-roasted coffee. Kéan Coffee began its roots on a small family coffee farm in Guatemala, where Martin Diedrich founded the famous Diedrich Coffee right in Costa Mesa. But after the company grew too large, Diedrich left the corporate hive and manifested a new modern coffeehouse vision, now known as Kéan Coffee. One of their most famous coffee drinks is the Turkish Latte, a mixture of different spices, thick, creamy milk and a dash of cardamom on top. Kéan Coffee strongly emphasizes the theme of a modern community coffeehouse.

Native Knowledge: If you’re not into the Turkish Latte, you can never go wrong with the Caffe Napoli, an Italian latte and the second most popular drink among the locals.

Kéan Coffee
2043 Westcliff Dr, Ste 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660

5 | Just Coffee…and Water?

That’s right. Coffee and water are the only ingredients in Thunderking’s famous flagship cold brew. The secret to their pure cold brew blend is how long and how they brew the coffee. “We will tell you though that it’s cold and long, which is what makes our coffee flavorful and smooth, without the bitterness that comes from hot coffee,” according to their bio. If you’re a fan of iced coffee, you’ll probably love Thunderking. Their specialty is serving their special coffee blend over ice. Located in SOCIAL Costa Mesa, a unique aspect about this particular coffee shop is that it feels more like a bar than anything because they serve their iced coffee drinks in beer and cocktail glasses.

Native Knowledge: Order the Social Benedict with your morning Thunderking coffee. All the locals highly recommend it!

Thunderking Brewing Co
512 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Best Coffee Shops Near Newport Beach

6 | Not Your Grandma’s Coffee Shop best coffee in newport

Husband and wife Oscar and Jeni Castro of Coffee Dose claim that they have perfected the best anti-bitch serum. If you need real coffee to wake you up in the morning, come here for a kickin’ cup of coffee. Your coffee will literally come in a cup that says “Anti-B*tch Serum” just to remind everyone to give you a little bit of space to enjoy your daily dose. The drinks and the entire shop itself are definitely Instagram-worthy, with contrasting hues and artsy words that pop out at you the minute you walk in. This eclectic coffee shop is one that experiments with pushing boundaries and gives off a slight retro-ish vibe as opposed to the typical rustic ambiance that coffee shops tend to have.

Native Knowledge: Although they are located inside a hair salon, they have a small outside patio in the back for you to enjoy your coffee. They also serve vegan and keto-friendly snacks.

Coffee Dose
116 E 18th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

7 | Out of the Blue

Blue Bottle Coffee

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You might have come across Blue Bottle Coffee at some point. But what exactly is in the bottle? “The Blue Bottle,” the first-ever coffee house in Central Europe, comes from a history of war and was founded by Franz George Kolshitsky, who discovered the Turkish coffee beans in the midst of battle back in the 1600s. In honor of his heroics, James Freeman named Blue Bottle after Kolshitsky’s coffee house, and the rest is coffee history. Some wise words from the owner: “I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my guests, so they may enjoy coffee at peak flavor. I will only use the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.” Since then, Blue Bottle Coffee has been very particular about how and when they serve their coffee, so rest assured, you will always be getting your money’s worth here.

Native Knowledge: They set up blind taste tests every day in order to maintain their unique peak coffee flavor.

Blue Bottle Coffee
3366 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663


8 | Wake Up! best coffee in newport

Daydream Surf Shop

Waking up can be a total nightmare, and Daydream is the solution. This surf shop slash coffee stop is an awesome spot to grab a board and a brew, with beans exclusively roasted by Sight Glass Coffee in San Francisco. Their hand-crafted creations are infused with anything from cardamom to carbonation and their laid back vibes make it a must for the contingent of Costa Mesa coffee fiends.

Native Knowledge: Try their espresso float for a little bubble in your morning brew!

Daydream Surf Shop
1588 Monrovia Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92663


9 | Haute Cakes Caffe

Recently renovated, Haute Cakes reopened to flaunt their latest facelift while serving the traditional fan favorites. This local establishment serves up great brews by the cupful to keep un-caffeinated customers at bay. And did we mention they have some of the best avocado toast in town? We’re glad this haunt is open again in time for the holidays. Haute Cakes carries local craft coffee from the above-mentioned Common Room Roasters—meaning freshly roasted beans just a few minutes away—and bottles of  Mary Joe CBD-infused cold brew if you need to chill out while you recharge.

Haute Cakes Caffe
1807 Westcliff Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660


10 | Herst Coffee best coffee in newport

Brewtiful Feeling

The only thing better than a warm hug in a mug is a saucer of steamy goodness served with a sweet treat. Herst Coffee does this pairing perfectly with their pastries provided by local vendors like Blackmarket Bakery. Their aesthetic is simple and clean, just like their curated coffee. And if chai lattes are your jam, theirs is expertly brewed in-house in something that looks like a copper witch’s cauldron, with its concoction being a perfectly sweet and spicy dance on your palate.

Native Knowledge: If you want to sit and stay awhile, the Lido Marina parking garage offers the first hour free and two additional hours with validation.

Herst Coffee
3400 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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11 | Too Legit to Quit best coffee in costa mesa


This Newport Beach biz is brewing up picture perk-fect pours with their minimalist motif. Their menu boasts a variety of toasts that range from sweet to savory and are sure to satisfy. Sit, sip and savor this locally-loved java joint, and if a cup of joe leaves you jittery, check out the less-caffeinated chai and matcha latte options. They curate their coffee from multiple experts like Coava in Portland and Temple in Sacremento. Cheers!

Native Knowledge: While Kit is known as a coffee shop, they are also a purveyor of plants and host a wonderful array of green friends available for purchase.

1617 Westcliff Dr, Ste 103
Newport Beach, CA 92660


12 | Drive All Night

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

There’s something delectably amazing about doughnuts and drip coffee. SideCar capitalizes on this match made in “leaven” (get it?) by offering rotating seasonal blends that’ll dare you to dunk your doughnut. If you are feeling extra sleepy, we suggest sampling their oh-so-creamy Nitro Cold Brew—which just so happens to be on draft—for a burst of bubbly energy. That same brew is elevated by beans from local roasters, Common Room Roasters.

Native Knowledge: Sidecar also serves Vietnamese iced coffee, a delectable, strong delicacy that combines coarsely ground espresso with sweetened condensed milk, served over ice.

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee
270 E 17th St, Ste 18
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


13 | Pour It Up Pour It Up best coffee in newport

Vacancy Coffee Bar

This quaint, little, coastal coffee co-op is the quintessential one-stop-shop to conquer your quest for a quality caffeine fix. All are welcome to get grounded at this popular PCH pit stop and enjoy the Aussie-influence that permeates the place. The menu includes everything from a matcha to a flat white and they are the OG when it comes to offering oat milk as a non-dairy alternative. Vacancy is famous for brewing up “Gothic” mochas, an activated charcoal-infused coffee creation that is the perfect seasonal sipper to baffle your coffee cohorts. They proudly serve Toby’s Estate Coffee, which hails from Brooklyn, making their small-batch roasts as special and unique as a trip to The Big Apple itself.

Vacancy Coffee Bar
6480 West Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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Priscilla is a Southern California native who is studying English and Literary Journalism. Some of her favorite things to do are archery, traveling, and trying out new foods. Aside from school and writing for Locale Magazine, she is working on a young adult fiction novel and hopes to achieve her dream of publishing a book series.


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