Move Over Usher, Palm Springs Has a New R&B Star in Town

Eevaan Tré is Heating Things Up in Palm Springs

Written By: Quintan Valles
Photographed By: George Duchannes Eevaan Tré

2015 was a big year for R&B singer/songwriter Eevaan Tré. That was the year he made it to the musical mecca known as the Coachella Music Festival. For many musicians, making it to Coachella is a pretty big deal; it’s the moment in a music career that signifies, “you’ve made it.” For Tré, the big shows are great, but it’s the small venues that are intimate and personal, just like his music, that are the most memorable.

Writing music since he was 16 years old, Tré received encouragement from teachers who saw his musical potential, which led him to make a career out of his talent (thanks Teach!). Coachella was Tré’s big musical moment, “I’ve always entered competitions, and spent one year out in LA spending money on making songs,” said Tré, “but it never really happened for me until I played at Coachella Fest. It wasn’t until then that I was like ‘Damn, this is cool.’”

We agree, Coachella is pretty cool, but what’s even better is experiencing it with your bandmates who are also your best friends, as Tré explained, “We get to travel and do music so that’s kind of dope. You find stuff out when you go on the road with your homies,” he exclaimed, “We had a bass player one time who was the guy that would bring his sleeping bag and would sleep in the nude! So that was interesting,” he laughed.

Tré also looks to his iPod for inspiration and listens to artists such as Michael Jackson and James Brown because, “he really controlled his band,” stated Tré, “I also like Prince because he was so out there. I grew up listening to Justin Timberlake, so a lot of boyband stuff.”

Tré has opened for some well-known favorites like the B-Side Players and Ozomatli, and he also dreams of working with some of his other favorites. “It would be cool to work with someone like Anderson Paak” said Tré. “He’s one of my favorite artists right now and Justin Timberlake, of course, would be dope.” Eevaan Tré and J.T. on the same stage? We’re not sure if the world is ready for all that fire.  

Be on the lookout for his upcoming album and make sure to catch Tré at one of the local venues like Moxie, where he performs every Friday. These small shows are dear to Tré’s heart. “I like small shows because I get to be more intimate with people,” said Tré, “To be honest, when I played at Coachella, I don’t even remember that show, it just went by so fast. I like the smaller sets.” So if you get a chance to see one of those intimate shows, don’t miss it! We have a feeling Eevaan Tré won’t be playing these small venues for very long.  

Tré’s Fave Palm Springs Spots

-Mr. Lyons
Confessions: One of the first CDs that Eevaan Tré purchased was Usher’s My Way.

Back to School: If Tré was not making music he would love to teach, he explained, “I like teaching because I feel like there were not a lot of opportunities for me as a kid growing up in Coachella and kids need someone to point them in the right direction. I would like to be a mentor for kids and keep them motivated.”

On Repeat: Tré says that if you looked at his iPod right now you would find a lot of Kehlani: “I love Kehlani, Kehlani is my girl. She’s like the new Aaliyah, she’s definitely my favorite artist right now.”

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Palm Springs, CA 92262

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