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Keep Calm and Road Trip On!

How to Ride Safely in Style with Grand Prix Performance

Written By: Randa Akeel Road Trip Safety

Is there really a better way to spend your vacation than on a road trip with friends? Out of all the possible trips you can take, the best ones are usually by car. Sometimes, it’s not the destination, but the journey on the wide open road—windows down, music turned up preferably!  And since your vehicle is central to an epic road trip, we spoke to our friends at Grand Prix Performance to get some tips so that you can keep calm and road trip on (and look fab while you’re doing it). Road Trip Safety

First, you’ll need to make sure your car is road ready—check your oil, coolant and brake fluid levels and make sure your tires and brakes are in tip-top shape too.  After all, there’s nothing fun or stylish about car trouble.  If this all sounds too overwhelming for you, don’t worry!  Grand Prix Performance can help with all of your road trip prep. They offer all the services you need such as oil, lube and filter changes, free tire and brake inspections and free alignment checks.  Make sure you ask them to check your spare tire too because there’s nothing worse than finding out you have an out of commission spare once you’ve already got a flat tire. If you are close to needing new tires, it’s best to replace the tires before your trip so you can have peace of mind during your long ride. Road Trip Safety

Once you’ve handled the basics, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your car is clean since you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in it.  You can take your car to Grand Prix’s drought-friendly, DIY car wash service just up the street from their shop. It’s fast and affordable and will get your car squeaky clean!  Speaking of clean windows, it might be a good time to consider tinting yours to help keep you cool, protect you from harmful UV rays as well as keep your car and contents inside it safer by reducing visibility for potential thieves.  Plus, it looks great!  

And finally, if you really want to ride in style, talk to the guys at Grand Prix Performance about upgrading the look of your car to match your personal style.  From a new set of wheels to custom powder coating your existing wheels or painting the trim, grill and emblems on your car, there are endless ways to customize your vehicle for every budget. With all of this and more, Grand Prix Performance provides each customer with exceptional customer service. Their expertise will make you feel at ease once you hit the road, and you’ll be impressed with how your car looks too! Road Trip Safety

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Planning a road trip? Be sure to stay safe.

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