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6 Low-Impact Workouts in OC For Women Over 30

From Pure Barre to Yoga, We Love These 6 Orange County Classes

While 30 may be known as the new 20, it’s important to continue to prioritize health and wellness as you step into your 30s and beyond. With a variety of different workouts to choose from, a workout like barre keeps the body toned and tight while throwing in a hint of cardio too. When it comes to working out, it’s important to sculpt your silhouette the right way. Say goodbye to the days of heavy lifting and hello to a more mellow method of movement. Here are six low-impact fitness classes in OC for ladies 30 and up. Low Impact Workout Classes


Pure Barre

Prepare to transform yourself both physically and mentally with a Pure Barre class. Their musically driven group classes focus on low-impact, high-intensity movements that strengthen and tone your body in 50 minutes or less. This ballet-inspired workout is designed to improve your balance, build strength, increase flexibility, burn calories and cultivate a stronger core. If you’ve yet to experience this type of workout, Pure Barre‘s Foundation Class is the perfect place to start. This small group class introduces the basic movements of Pure Barre workouts while helping you discover how their technique works so you can feel the benefits of a full-body barre workout (and did we mention the first class is free?). As you begin to feel more comfortable, you can level up with a Pure Reform or Pure Empower class that incorporates different equipment and intensity levels to help elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Check out one of Pure Barre’s various locations in Orange County to experience the sweat for yourself. 

Locations: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo
Pure Barre

Low Impact Workout Classes

RA Yoga

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Whether you prefer a traditional vinyasa class, a Pilates-style flow or you’re looking to build more strength, RA Yoga has no shortage of variety. With 14 different styles of classes to choose from and two different studio locations in Orange County, you’re sure to find an ideal class that fits into your busy schedule. Another bonus this soulful studio has to offer is child care. That’s right—during certain classes, someone is there to watch after the little ones while you take the time to prioritize your self-care. 

Locations: Costa Mesa, Newport Beach

Low Impact Workout Classes


Credit: CycleBar

Yeah, riding your bike on the beach is cool, but nothing will make you feel more uplifted, empowered and inspired than taking a class at CycleBar. This spin studio is more than a workout; it’s a journey of self-discovery measured in sweat, championed by the community and fueled by the desire to get more out of life. They offer a variety of classes like the Performance class, which encourages some healthy competition, the Connect class that challenges you to go within or the Xpress class that gets you working up a sweat in just 30 minutes!

Locations: Irvine, Long Beach, Laguna Hills



Row House

Credit: Row House

Row, row, row your boat all the way through a killer workout at Row House. With locations in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Foothill Ranch and Ladera Ranch, you can stop into one of their specialty studios and witness the magic firsthand. With the lights down low and the music up, this full body burner takes you through an immersive experience while targeting a majority of your muscles in 45 minutes. Not only do they offer strength and interval classes, Row House also offers a recovery class that focuses on stretching, mobility and core conditioning to keep your body moving with ease.

Locations: Irvine, Costa Mesa, Foothill Ranch, Ladera Ranch

Ekam Yoga & Pilates

Nestled in Newport Beach lies Ekam Yoga & Pilates. This style of movement is easier on the body but sculpts and tones muscles you never knew existed. The peaceful place was created as a space for you to connect with your mind, body and soul. They offer a variety of classes, including heated yoga, gentle yoga and power Pilates, but they also have one-of-a-kind classes like SUP Yoga and jumpboard Pilates. 

Location: Newport Beach

Low Impact Workout Classes

Aquatics at Renaissance ClubSport

Credit: Renaissance ClubSport

If you’re trying to switch up your cardio game, then swimming is the sport for you. Thanks to water’s natural resistance, this full-body exercise is easier on the joints while building endurance, boosting your heart rate and improving overall strength. But if you don’t have a pool, don’t sweat it—Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo is the perfect place to practice your swim stroke. Their resort-style fitness club has a 25-yard lap pool where you can take classes with a master swim instructor, swim laps on a first come, first served basis or bliss out at the adults-only day spa.

Location: Aliso Viejo
Renaissance ClubSport




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