From Flights to Europe to Decadent Dinner Parties, These Are Our Plans for 2021

COVID-19, you have overstayed your welcome. We are tired of the havoc you’ve wreaked on our communities, not to mention our mental and physical health. You’ve shut down our restaurants, canceled our concerts and ruined all of our fun. We live for the day we can rip off our masks and bid you farewell for good. And let it be known, that day is coming soon (fingers crossed). And when it does, we will have our 2021 bucket list ready—ready to rub in your face. We will travel to new places, eat INDOORS, run free at concerts and hug our closest friends. Here is a list of everything we will do when we are free from your wretched grasp—all before 2021 kicks the bucket. 2021 Bucket List


1 | Get on a Plane 2021 Bucket List

Road trips are great and all, but I’m so ready for a Euro adventure. This past year, I’ve dreamed of eating macarons in Paris, wandering the funky streets of Amsterdam and tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Sing to me Paolo, gosh darnit!!! As I was saying, a flight is definitely a must this year, and at this point, I’ll go anywhere.

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2 | Dine INdoors 2021 Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo over takeout. Uber Eats and DoorDash have practically taken all of my money, and I’m ready to sever my desperate ties to third-party delivery services. Plus, California has a slew of adorable restaurants with some seriously dreamy decor that’s just waiting to be dined in. Some of my favorite Insta-worthy spots include The Waverly in Encinitas, The Pink Cabana in Indian Wells, Water Grill in Costa Mesa and Margot in LA. You can bet I’ll be making an INDOOR reservation at all of these spots as soon as the world permits.

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3 | Host a Dinner Party 2021 Bucket List

One of my greatest passions is playing hostess, and in times like these, we’ve been told to keep people out rather than welcoming them in. But at this point, I desperately need someone to share a bottle of wine with. This year, I hope to gather my friends and family, chef up a delicious dinner and enjoy the company of the ones closest to me (MISS YOU GUYS).


4 | Go to a Concert 2021 Bucket List

It’s weird to think the only way you can listen to music is either in your car or with your headphones. I’ve been looking at old photos these past few days, reminiscing of my time under the Coachella sun and at Golden Gate Park, jamming to the sweet sound of Mac Demarco. There is nothing quite like live music. Here’s hoping 2021 is full of festivals, concerts and less time spent charging my AirPods.


5 | Belly-Up to a Bar 2021 Bucket List

Wine on the couch is great, especially if you’re feeling lazy, but I’m so looking forward to grabbing a drink with friends at some of my favorite local bars. Plus, cocktails outside in the middle of January? No thanks.

6 | Bid Farewell to My Mask 2021 Bucket List

This one is not exactly a bucket list item, but when masks are no longer required, I’m burning mine. 


7 | Work From a Coffee Shop

Remember when coffee shops were a place to sip and stay a while? Now, everytime I go in one I feel like I’m either standing in the wrong spot or not getting in and out fast enough. All of the chairs and tables are stacked in a big pile, and all the cozy, charming aesthetics have been thrown out the window. In 2021, I hope to be able to leisurely order a coffee, sit down, open my laptop and do some work in peace.


8 | Go on a Shopping Spree

I’m not a big online buyer; in order to purchase something, I need to try it on. At one point this year, I aim to upgrade my wardrobe with a full day of shopping. Hear that? That’s a new pair of shoes calling my name.


9 | Enjoy a Movie Date Night 

Dear Cinépolis, I miss you! Drive-in movies and Netflix are great and all, but I long for your plush recliners, buttery popcorn and big screen. Please let me back in!!

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