Photography By: Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour
Photography By: Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

Skip the Spendy Overnight Stay and Use This App for Premium Resort Access

This App Is a Travel-Lover’s Dream

We’re wrapping up the summer season, and between keeping up with the latest travel advisories and dealing with regional restrictions that are constantly updating, booking plans in advance has been a bit of a challenge…to say the least. We have good news, however: ResortPass is here to ease your travel woes by letting you feel like both a glamorous international tourist and a VIP local at the same time—without leaving town. We chatted with fabulous female founder and solo-preneur Amanda Szabo about this genius app that’s revolutionizing the way we staycation. Read on to learn how you can be poolside at a top resort in a matter of minutes. ResortPass app

For as long as most of us can remember, there was a tacit understanding among travelers that only registered overnight guests were allowed to enjoy hotel amenities like pool and gym access, spa time, office facilities and resort perks like ordering food and cocktails to your private cabana. But all that changed when Szabo saw a missed opportunity and decided to do something about it.

The lightbulb moment came in 2016 when Szabo, an east-coast transplant, wanted to experience the resort life in her city. But as a newly minted SoCal local, booking an overnight stay didn’t make sense. After sneaking into a hotel pool and feeling anxious all day (in fear of being caught and ousted), she knew she was onto something.

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“I was like, ‘Take my money!’” recalls Szabo. “I’d really just love to pay to spend the day here by the pool and have this vacation experience. Taking a look around and seeing how empty the hotel was, I thought, wouldn’t the hotel want that extra revenue on an off-peak day? These amazing hotels and resorts are missing out on a huge segment of the local community. Why not open it up to a different type of guest who would love to enjoy the property’s amenities but may not need to spend the night?” ResortPass app

Having built a career in the wedding and events space, Szabo was eager to break into the tech world. After teaching herself to code and cutting her teeth on a few startup ideas, she knew she’d found a winner in ResortPass, an app that allows anyone to pay a flat fee to enjoy the amenities of a top hotel—just for the day. It’s as easy as booking a hotel stay on a traditional travel site, but this allows the freedom to experience a variety of properties without having to book a room.

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The a la carte model is similar to ClassPass (an app that allows fitness lovers to try a variety of exercise classes without being locked into one particular studio or subscription package), and with the click of a button, you can be an afternoon hotel guest for anywhere from $25-250 per person per day, depending on the location and range of amenities (from pool and gym access to spa massage packages).

Especially in today’s changing environment, it’s not always clear which businesses are open to the public and where we’re able to let off some summertime steam. No one wants to spend these sunny days calling businesses and driving across town only to be turned away at a former favorite hotspot. With ResortPass, it’s clear exactly which hotels are offering access and exclusive experiences to daytime guests.

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Even during the peak of the pandemic, ResortPass bridged the gap between a hurting hospitality industry and a frustrated public with nowhere to go. “We were the hot thing to do last summer, that’s for sure,” says Szabo. “People were eager to get out. They weren’t traveling, [but] they were excited to be able to go hang out by the pool and have that vacation experience without leaving town.”

For now, ResortPass is available in most US cities and is beginning to expand internationally, meaning you’ll be able to book day-cations (even while on vacation) at various resorts and hotels worldwide. In the meantime, spend the summer living it up like a local boss and remember why we love to live here!

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