Spend the Day in Newport on a James Bond-Style Yacht

Either for a Three-Hour Jaunt or a Day in Catalina, This Yacht Will Turn Heads

Written By: Erica Johnson
Photography Provided By: David Coyne

We’ve all had James Bond fantasies over the years—imagining what it would be like to have access to the most luxurious, most exclusive places and things that mere mortals could never touch….but now, you actually can live out the perfect James Bond scene, even if only for a day, right here on the Newport Coast.

Thanks to Sean McWherter and his crew, you can book an excursion on “Skyfall,” a 40’ VanDutch Ultra Luxury Yacht, similar to the yacht featured in HBO’s “Entourage” and “Ballers,” and the type of yacht you’d expect to see in a James Bond movie. This incredible vessel can take up to a dozen people on the adventure of your choosing.

The idea came when McWherter was visiting Cancun and saw the yacht, realizing instantly that this was something you didn’t see in the waters surrounding Orange County.

“These yachts are seen in areas like the Mediterranean, but I knew that it would be an instant hit in California because it’s so different from the typical yacht.” After acquiring one and doing some customizing, the yacht came down to Newport Beach and is docked in the first slip at Billy’s at the Beach.

Skyfall can be booked for three, four or eight-hour blocks. You can cruise out into the harbor to celebrate a birthday or as one lucky couple experienced—the ultimate marriage proposal! Go snorkeling in a Laguna Beach cove or dock in Newport for a lovely lunch at one of the great restaurants nearby. Your whole trip is worked out in advance with the concierge—your preferences for food and drink, where you would like to be picked up and what activities you wish to enjoy. “The thing is to make sure that the client feels like the boss—there is no upselling. We provide exactly what you ask for,” McWherter said.

For those that want a day of luxury, you can book a full-day trip to Catalina Island. Skyfall is incredibly powerful and will get you there in under an hour. Spend the day any way your heart desires, paddle boarding, bar hopping, shopping or just cruise around Avalon and take in the beauty of the island. No matter your fancy, you’ll be riding in style like Bond, James Bond.

R&R: Skyfall has a luxurious, air-conditioned stateroom with a bathroom and hot shower in case you need a break from all the fun.

Native Knowledge: Every guest is met with a glass of champagne upon boarding Skyfall.

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