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Sushi Me Rollin’

Written By: Raphael Madrid
Photographed By: Hunter Cole Best Sushi Laguna Beach

It is not often you find a restaurant you love that will not only challenge your palate, but nurture it as well. Starfish in Laguna Beach is one of those special establishments with a robust menu that caters to a wide range of people. Their cross-cultural Asian-inspired menu is meticulously curated to serve familiar flavors with a touch of Orange County zest. The Lobster Macadamia Roll and Singapore Bamboo Roll are two of Starfish’s signature specialties that encapsulate their unique vibe. 


Lobster Macadamia Roll Best Sushi Laguna Beach

The Lobster Macadamia Roll is a unique expression of various influences that blend together perfectly. The harmony found among the house-cooked lobster tail and fresh mango, cilantro and cucumber is a refreshing balance that pairs wonderfully together. Adding toasted macadamia nuts and wrapping in sesame soy paper wrap just elevates the texture of the dish even further. 

Lobster Macadamia Roll Ingredients: Best Sushi Laguna Beach

-Chopped Lobster Tail
-Roasted Macadamia Nuts
-Sesame Soy Paper
-House Wasabi and Sriracha Aioli
-Eel sauce

Native Knowledge: Dive right into their house ponzu sauce that substitutes the typical soy sauce pairing with the sushi rolls. “We dare to be different!” exclaims Kayli Day, Starfish’s general manager.


Singapore Bamboo Roll Best Sushi Laguna Beach

The Singapore Bamboo Roll takes its inspiration from the Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls but is updated to fit within Orange County culture. This light, vegan-friendly dish wraps house-marinated bamboo, jicama, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint and carrots in rice paper, and is served with a house-made peanut hoisin sauce and sriracha—a fusion of significant textural elements, zest and acidity.

Singapore Bamboo Roll Ingredients: 

-Marinated Bamboo
-Bean Sprout
-Thai Basil
-Rau Rum
-Rice Paper
-Peanut Hoisin Sauce

Native Knowledge: “Our regulars are very trusting of our staff—enough to allow them to dictate what they should order during their visit,” says Day. 

30832 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651