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Ditch the Diets and New Year’s Resolutions—Here Are 6 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2022

These Are the Best Ways to Invest in Your Health This Year in Huntington Beach

After a long holiday season full of doing things for other people, why not treat yourself to a little TLC? We’re not talking about one-time luxuries like mani-pedis or a shopping spree—we’re talking about putting yourself, your health and your lifestyle first. So let’s leave the pressure-filled New Year’s resolutions or other fad goals behind in 2021 and say hello to growth, glow-ups and all-around healthy transformations. Here are six ways to invest in yourself in 2022.  Wellness in Huntington Beach


1 | Get a Health & Wellness Coach


Every body is different, so why work out and diet like everyone else? Pairing up with a personal health coach presents a great opportunity to tackle those New Year’s goals—especially when that coach is from WeVitalize. Their team of wellness professionals will help you navigate a variety of health concerns and identify roadblocks in your diet, as well as, nutritional habits and lifestyle choices that are preventing desired health outcomes. They do this through hair follicle testing, which helps identify deficiencies in the body and provides information on whether or not someone has food sensitivities, parasites, or bacterial/fungal overgrowth present.  

Wellness in Huntington Beach

2 | Infrared Sauna Therapy and IV Drip Therapy


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Take your recovery day to the next level with cutting-edge treatments like infrared sauna therapy, which detoxifies the body by using bio-identical infrared heat to raise the body temperature from the inside out, and IV drip therapy, where a boost of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. You can find both treatments at WeVitalize, and you can get 20% off each of these services when you become a member!


3 | Infrared Fitness  

Red Effect

If you love the idea of infrared therapy, you can add it to your workout routine. Gyms like Red Effect are pairing classes with infrared heat to create a new and exciting way to work out. Red Effect’s OC location is a women-only gym that offers infrared heat, heart-rate monitoring and instructor-led HIIT workouts for an unstoppable routine. You can also recover from your workout with their infrared saunas, which are said to promote faster recovery, boost the immune system and hold a number of other fantastic benefits.

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4 | Fun Workout Classes Like Step Aerobics

Newport Peach

Take a class that’s a blast from the past! Step aerobics is a super fun way to get your heart pumping and target muscle groups that will help you look and feel great. Some of our favorite dance and step aerobics classes are at Newport Peach, a studio that offers tons of high-energy classes like cardio, mat, barre, Buti yoga and a once-a-month Twerkshop!

5 | Beach Volleyball Meets HIIT Workout


If you’re someone who wants to integrate more play and athleticism into your workout routine, consider checking out classes at INSAND. This facility combines functional fitness with sports movements on the sand. It’s a great way to pack a ton of activity into a 60-minute workout while also enjoying the great outdoors. Trust the process—it was created and developed by a four-time Olympian and gold medalist, Reid Priddy! 

Wellness in Huntington Beach

6 | Meal Prepping Made Easy


Meal Prepping Made Easy
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Meal prepping is a great way to manage and maintain a healthy diet—but it certainly takes time and commitment to do your own. Whether you’re new to meal prepping and not sure where to start or you’re simply too busy to do it yourself, meal-prep companies like LeanFeast are making it easy to eat clean and hit your health goals. We especially love LeanFeast because it’s subscription-free, always fresh and offers the choice of delivery or pick-up from a brick and mortar location.

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