Credit: michael b. woolsey
Credit: michael b. woolsey

Private Hunting Club, Wing & Barrel Ranch, Offers an Extraordinary Experience in the Historic City of Sonoma

Hunting, Fishing and Other Activities Are Offered at This Exclusive Club 

Experiencing the great outdoors in California usually means sleeping bags, flashlights and hot dogs. I cherish the memories I’ve made gathering around campfires and swapping stories with friends while drinking out of red cups, but I’ve always wished for something more—more sophisticated, more elevated. Switching out a plastic red cup for a wine glass, hot dogs for fine dining and flashlights for twinkling cafe lights, Wing & Barrel Ranch offered the solution to this desire at their private and exclusive shooting club in Sonoma. Wing & Barrel Ranch Sonoma


Stay Awhile

Credit: michael b. woolsey / Wing & Barrel Ranch

Set on over 1,000 acres in California’s wine country with views of the Sonoma Mountain range lies the largest private club of its kind in the western United States. Wing & Barrel Ranch is a club that allows its members a place to practice hunting and fishing, enjoy the outdoors and socialize within a private community. The massive, wood-paneled clubhouse is elegant yet rugged, and the interior features high ceilings, cozy fireplaces and leather chairs. 

Wing & Barrel Ranch Sonoma

Practice Makes Perfect

Credit: michael b. woolsey / Wing & Barrel Ranch

Designed by Chris Batha, the ranch has the West Coast’s only sporting clays course. It plays host to 15 fully automated shooting stations, each offering three positions with a total of 90 different target presentations. There’s also a multi-trap high tower for expert marksperson, shooters and bird-hunting enthusiasts. The 85-foot tower features four trap machines set at varying heights, each capable of mimicking the flight patterns of single birds or flocks. Need a custom fitting? Their on-site gun-fitting staff can help you find what you need in the Pro Shop. Members can also take advantage of 24 hunting courses across 1,000 acres to hunt seasonal pheasant, chukar and quail while being accompanied by club dogs and their handlers.



Field to Table

Hungry from shooting, we returned for dinner at WBR Kitchen, where a pesto and burrata flatbread, Wagyu burger and truffle fries were enjoyed. I devoured my meal while sitting on their spacious back deck, taking in the gorgeous view. Chef Charlie Palmer is the culinary advisor to the ranch, which offers members full-service dining throughout the year. They combine locally sourced meat, wild game and fish with herbs and vegetables from their own garden.

Wing & Barrel Ranch Sonoma

Wing & Barrel Ranch
6600 Noble Rd
Sonoma, CA 95476

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