Best Breakfast San Diego
Credit James Tran
Best Breakfast San Diego
Credit James Tran

9 Decadent Brunch Dishes in San Diego You Have to See (and Eat) to Believe 

Get Your Phone Out—These Eats Are Epic!

Brunch isn’t a meal—it’s a lifestyle. It’s weekly catch-up with the girls, extravagant bloody marys, bottomless mimosas and an excuse to wear that trendy wide-brim hat. But if you’re ready to take your brunch game to the next level, take a look at this list of buzzy brunch spots serving up wild, larger-than-life dishes. Eggs Benedict, who? We’re talking sandwiches in cocktails, gold-speckled burger buns, rainbow cappuccinos and more. These nine Insta-worthy dishes are the perfect thing to shake up your routine with your brunch squad. So break out those sunhats and make your weekend reservations ASAP! Best Brunch San Diego


Dish: Berry Stuffed French Toast + Her Name Is Candy Latte

Order at: Brian’s 24

After a night of dancing downtown, Brian’s 24 is the spot to hit for brunch if you want to keep the party going in the Gaslamp Quarter. This epic brunch venue has been retrofitted with hot pink walls, pop culture nods and large neon signs. It’s hard to upgrade good old French toast, but Brian’s 24 has done it with their Berry Stuffed French Toast. Dig into layers of fluffy brioche with luscious cream cheese frosting, strawberries and blueberries sandwiched in between. And for something truly over the top, order Her Name Is Candy, a latte made with organic espresso and cotton candy topping. This one comes with your choice of bright pink oat milk or vivid blue coconut milk.

Location: Gaslamp Quarter

Best Brunch San Diego

Dish: All That Glitters Is Gold Burger

Order at: Breakfast & Bubbles

Looking for an entree that shines as brightly as you? Breakfast & Bubbles specializes in an all-day champagne breakfast, so there isn’t anything they do that isn’t over the top! And their burgers are no exception. The All That Glitters Is Gold burger is served with truffle tries and comes with two angus beef patties, bacon, caramelized onions, bleu cheese crumbles, mustard aioli and the star of the show–a glittering 24-karat gold bun. You can also build your own drink, whether it be your ideal coffee or a frozen lemonade—alcohol optional!

Location: Hillcrest

Best Brunch San Diego

Dish: “BLT” Avocado Toast

Order at: Flap Your Jacks

Credit: Flap Your Jacks

Flap Your Jacks is a daytime eatery sure to impress the whole family. Although they’re mostly known for their tabletop griddles where you can bring your wildest pancake creations to life, they offer a host of delectable brunch offerings too. The “BLT” Avocado Toast is an open-faced toast with mashed avocado, tomato slices, a poached egg and crispy bacon, all topped off with a generous drizzle of lime and a splash of chili oil. It’s probably the most loaded, extravagant avocado toast you’ll ever have.

Location: North Park

Best Brunch San Diego

Dish: South Ponto Pancakes

Order at: Vaga Restaurant + Bar

Credit: Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas

These are not your grandma’s buttermilk pancakes. Created by Chef Claudette Zepeda, a James Beard semifinalist, Vaga’s South Ponto Pancakes are made with your choice of regular or buckwheat mix, fresh berries, generous slathers of strawberry rhubarb jam and a delectable lemon almond crumble. Named after Ponto Beach, which the restaurant is perched above, this fluffy pancake tower is sure to delight. Vaga, which means wanderer in Spanish, specializes in Latin American cuisine that’s inspired by wanderlust and the laid-back culture of San Diego. 

Location: Encinitas


Dish: Classic Bloody Mary with Grilled Cheese

Order at: Café 21

You read that right—this bloody mary is served in a gorgeous porcelain mug—fondly known as Ms. Mary—and is accompanied by an entire sandwich on a skewer, not to mention all the other traditional fixings. You can get the drink sans the sandwich, but at only $3 more, it’s a no-brainer. Café 21 serves up elevated brunch vibes and truly inventive dishes inspired by flavors of the Middle East, specifically Azerbaijan. You also can’t go wrong with their lamb kufta omelet or tiramisu pancakes!

Locations: Gaslamp Quarter, University Heights


Dish: Monte Cristo

Order at: InsideOut

This urban oasis offers a switchback walkway and open-air seating just outside the Eitol Towers luxury apartments. Their menu offers a fun, fresh take on California- and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, and the decadent Monte Cristo is the perfect marriage between sweet and savory. InsideOut uses thick country ham, Swiss cheese and smoked turkey sandwiched between artisan levain bread. It’s then dipped in French toast batter and dusted off with powdered sugar and raspberry preserves. Take a bite and taste the flavors dancing in harmony on your palate!

Location: Hillcrest

Best Brunch San Diego

Dish: Ultimate Sticky Bun

Order at: Trust

Credit: Haley Hill Photography

Have you ever inhaled the sweet scent of freshly made sticky buns drifting out from behind the kitchen? Trust us, there’s nothing quite like it. The sticky buns here are luscious and fluffy, doused in brown sugar and butter with just a hint of lemon zest to keep things fresh. Trust only serves these at brunch, and they only make a limited number of these babies per day, so if you want to snag one for yourself, you’re going to have to come early! 

Location: Hillcrest


Dish: Andy’s World-famous Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles

Order at: Hash House A Go Go


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Known for their “deliciously twisted farm food,” chances are, you’ve heard about this dish even if you’re not a San Diegan. Hash House A Go Go pulls inspiration from the Midwest in classic comfort foods. Their sage fried chicken breasts are perfectly breaded and stacked on top of an impressive waffle tower. The waffles are made with hickory-smoked bacon and drenched with a hot syrup reduction. This sweet and savory creation is then topped with a surprise favorite—fried leeks. You’ll want to come back for brunch every weekend to indulge in this.

Location: Hillcrest



Dish: Boujee Bitch

Order at: Breakfast Bitch

Credit: Daniel Dismuke

If you like your eggs over easy with a side of empowerment, get ‘em from Breakfast Bitch. This brunch spot offers comfort food and just a little attitude with their one-of-a-kind breakfast experience. If you woke up feeling bad and boujee, the Boujee Bitch is the best dish to celebrate that. Their lobster cakes are made with succulent North Atlantic lobster, topped with basted egg over some fresh spinach and served on a buttery, flaky croissant with your choice of traditional hollandaise sauce or cilantro lime.

Location: Hillcrest

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