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7 Ways to Customize Your Tesla Model 3 for $5,000

Stand out From the Rest With These Premium Enhancements

Teslas are the pinnacle of modern innovation, and if you happen to own one, you know all about the groundbreaking features of these electric vehicles. The Tesla Model 3, specifically, is equipped with a central 15-inch touchscreen, full self-driving capability, autopark ability, sound dynamics comparable to a recording studio and more. And while the perks of driving a Tesla are countless, there is one downside: they all look pretty much the same. So we sat down with STARTECH, a division of the BRABUS Group based in Irvine, to see how they can up the wow factor even more on these electric vehicles without breaking the bank. With that said, here are seven ways to customize your Tesla Model 3 for $5,000.

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Front Bumper


Best Tesla Upgrades

Probably the most notable modification to the Tesla Model 3 is the STARTECH front bumper conversion, where the front fascia takes inspiration from the world of Formula 1. This entails a complete swap of the front bumper, resulting in a strikingly aggressive and sportier appearance. The product is made of polyurethane and delivered unpainted, allowing for customization possibilities. The bumper also seamlessly integrates all the necessary sensors for semi-autonomous driving and park distance control, ensuring your safety isn’t compromised.


Rear Bumper

Best Tesla Upgrades

Just as you can customize the front of your Tesla Model 3, you can do the same to the back. STARTECH’s rear bumper conversion includes a rear bumper made of polyurethane with an integrated rear diffuser. The supplied part is unpainted, allowing owners to contrast paint or color-code the diffuser section according to their preference. This conversion involves a complete swap of the rear bumper and ensures a seamless integration of the diffuser for a sleek and personalized look.


Rear Spoiler

STARTECH provides customers with two options for spoilers, each offering distinct benefits. The first option is a three-piece trunk spoiler crafted from ABS plastic, designed to enhance aerodynamics and reduce front-axle lift. This spoiler includes rear quarter risers and a raised trunk spoiler, combining functionality with style. The second option is a sleek carbon fiber rear spoiler, consisting of a single piece that adds a touch of elegance and sportiness to the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.



Fog Lights

The STARTECH Fog Light Kit is a premium aftermarket accessory designed to enhance visibility and safety during tough weather conditions. The kit features advanced fog light technology, producing a powerful and focused beam that cuts through dense fog, rain or snow, providing drivers with enhanced visibility and confidence on the road. This upgrade not only improves safety but also adds a touch of sophistication.


Side Wings

Best Tesla Upgrades

STARTECH’s innovative side wings can be added in front of the rear wheels and are engineered to enhance both the visual appeal and aerodynamic performance of the car. Made from high-quality materials, the “winglets” seamlessly integrate with the existing body lines of the Model 3, creating a cohesive and dynamic look. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication and sportiness, but they also improve the overall aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing stability on the road.


Mirror Covers


Elevate the style of your vehicle with STARTECH’s mirror covers, meticulously designed to enhance the visual appeal of your car. These mirror covers are crafted with precision, ensuring a seamless fit. The STARTECH mirror covers are available in two different finishes, allowing you to customize your vehicle to your personal taste. Whether you prefer a sleek and glossy look or a sporty carbon fiber finish, these additions provide an instant upgrade that catches the eye and sets your car apart from the rest.


Lowering Springs

Specifically engineered for the Tesla Model 3, STARTECH’s lowering springs offer a perfect balance between sporty handling and everyday comfort. Optimizing the car’s center of gravity, drivers can enjoy improved stability and responsiveness, allowing for precise cornering and reduced body roll. The STARTECH Lowering Spring Kits give the car a sleek and aggressive stance that is sure to turn heads.


Additional STARTECH Upgrades:



While Teslas are known for their minimalist, sleek interior, STARTECH can turn your cabin into a realm of refined comfort and sophistication with the Alcantara Interior Upgrade. The Alcantara material, known for its softness and durability, is meticulously applied to the seats, dashboard, door panels and steering wheel. The result is a tactile and visually stunning interior that exudes elegance. Other perks of this upgrade include an enhanced grip and feel.



Best Tesla Upgrades

A simple change in wheels can make all the difference, especially if you want your Model 3 to stand out. The 20″ Monostar M Wheel Set features a bold and dynamic spoke pattern that demands attention. With a 20-inch diameter, they provide the perfect balance between sporty handling and a comfortable rideperfect for discerning enthusiasts who demand the best.

All STARTECH products are Tüv-certified and include a Tüv Certification decal and installation manual. 

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