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Hide From This Mercury Retrograde at Our Favorite Joshua Tree Airbnb

Plan Your Next Joshua Tree Getaway at Retrograde Retreat

Technical issues during your last Zoom meeting? Get into a spat over a miscommunication? You may be experiencing the effects of this Mercury retrograde. But whether or not you’re a believer in astrology, we’ve all had days (or weeks) that didn’t seem to go our way—and if that’s not a sign to treat yourself to a little Joshua Tree getaway, we don’t know what is.

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Times like these require time outside in a huge backyard with tons of outdoor amenities and stunning views of the JT scenery. Luckily, the aptly named Retrograde Retreat managed by Hygge Home Rentals has all this and more for you and even your pup to enjoy during your next stay. Here are five reasons we love JTree’s Retrograde Retreat.


1 | Relax and Unwind

Retrograde Retreat - Joshua Tree getaway
Credit: Brandon Stanley (@bstanley_photo)

Some of the best parts of life happen in the kitchen or with a drink in hand, and at Retrograde Retreat, you have the option to enjoy those moments either indoors or out. Cook up your favorite meal in the great outdoors and take a seat at the picnic table or on top of the swinging bar stools at the incomparable Retrograde Saloon, complete with a beverage fridge and plenty of photo ops.



2 | Immerse Yourself in the Great Outdoors

Joshua Tree getaway
Credit: Brandon Stanley (@bstanley_photo)

Why wash up inside when you can take it outside under the desert sky? Rinse away your stress and tension with Retrograde Retreat’s custom outdoor shower, cowboy tub and hot tub. To make your cleansing routines even more luxurious, swing by Hi-Desert Daydream for some Desert Rose body oil or enjoy a dip under a glittering array of stars and moonlight.



3 | Spend Time Outside

Retrograde Retreat
Credit: Brandon Stanley (@bstanley_photo)

You probably chose Joshua Tree as your destination with the intention of enjoying some fresh air and swinging by Joshua Tree National Park for hiking and bouldering. But on the off chance you don’t feel like leaving your Airbnb, you have everything you need to keep you outside and occupied at the comforts of Retrograde Retreat, from sunbathing on the spacious deck to pressing play on your favorite movie in the outdoor theater. 


4 | Take a Nap

Three words: hanging. lounge. beds. Whether you want to get up early and watch the sunrise, take a midday siesta or watch the sunset and nod off a bit under the stars, the hanging lounge bed is the perfect place to catch some extra Z’s. But don’t worry—sleep won’t be an issue with Retrograde Retreat’s two bedrooms that sleep up to six people.


5 | Get in Touch With the Elements

Joshua Tree getaway - Retrograde Retreat
Credit: Brandon Stanley (@bstanley_photo)

Take the time to find your center during this trip: roll out a beach towel in the backyard and do some earth-bound yoga or take a seat and feel the breeze on your face during a session of mindful meditation. Then enjoy some recreation by making a splash in Retrograde Retreat’s roomy shipping container pool or (our favorite) roast up some marshmallows over the custom built-in firepit.

Retrograde Retreat

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