12 Ways to Thrive During a Quarantine in Southern California

Stay Inside, Stay Cozy and Stay Busy 

Written By: LOCALE Editors  What to Do at Home

Staying in is the new going out, we are bumping elbows now instead of shaking hands, emails are replacing meetings (finally) and going outside without a hazmat suit seems scary. There are, however, two sides to every coin. You can change your perspective by changing what you are paying attention to—that’s the beauty of being a sentient being. Here are our 12 activities you can do to thrive during these crazy times.


1 | Binge Until Your Eyes Bulge

Bingeing on food is not what we are talking about, although some of us have already emptied our shelves thanks to stress eating. We are talking Netflix and chill, Hulu and hangout or, for Gen X and Boomers, “Let’s make it a Blockbuster Night.” You can catch up on your favorite shows playing in the background while working, plowing through an entire three-season show in just a few days. Here is a list of binge-worthy shows.


2 | Stay Ommmmm What to Do at Home

You can only refresh your Apple News, flip through your Flipboard feed or watch the screaming, panicked newscaster for so long. Try a morning ritual on a meditation app like Insight Timer.  Start your day without your phone, make a cup of tea, light a candle, burn incense and take 10 minutes to be present and thankful for everything you have. 


3 | Aprender a Hablar…. What to Do at Home

I only knew how to make that headline (“learn to speak” in Spanish) using a combination of eight weeks of the app-based language app Duolingo and a quick Google search. Seriously, when will you have so much extra time again in your life?! There are several app-based language learning systems that might help you aprende a hablar español. Your next vacation south of the border will be a lot more fun.


4 |  ‘Cause it’s Friday…You Ain’t Got No Job…And You Ain’t Got Shit to Do!”

Well, let’s be real. You probably aren’t reading this on a Friday, as you most likely have a job and have a lot to do. But if you are between 25-55 and don’t understand the reference, we cannot be friends. With everything you are dealing with, you deserve a smoke break (maybe you are more of a gummy-girl, but you get the point). Try a delivery service like Eaze in Orange County, Caliva in LA, Klover in San Diego and The Lighthouse Dispensary in Palm Springs.

5 | Spice It Up in the Kitchen What to Do at Home

Staying home is the perfect opportunity to take some time to cook a new recipe. We all know you have endless Pins and Instagram photos saved of delicious pastas and healthy dishes you eventually want to cook. Now is your time to shine (after you attempt it a few times…). Break out the Instant Pot, cook up some balanced meals or get fancy with your sous vide. Last night we made Instant Pot mac and cheese…and it was delicious. Bon Appetit!


6 | Shop Till Your Fingers Go Numb

Online shopping is always a good idea, especially if returns and exchanges are free. Pour a glass of wine, put those favorite staple items in your cart and never look back. Some favorite sites to stalk are Landers Supply House in Orange County, The Point in Los Angeles, Rancho Relaxo in  Rancho Mirage and Hi Sweetheart in San Diego.




7 | Save Some $$$—Just Not Too Much, Our Local Businesses Need Us

Just by staying home every day (as long as you’re employed), you’re saving money! Think about it: you’re saving gas money by not having to drive to work, and you’re not tempted to go to lunch with coworkers––so you might as well make a PB&J at home. However, we recommend supporting your favorite local restaurant in OCLASD and GPS at least once a week. We need them to make money, so they will be there when everything is said and done. Order takeout or delivery directly from your favorite spot!

8 | Game On What to Do at Home

Card game, board game, computer game, video game—there are endless ways to be entertained in the great indoors. Whether you’re going solitaire or syncing up online with your gamer tag, there’s really no better way to pass the time than with a little friendly competition. We suggest Apple Arcade or Google Play for endless hours of fun.


9 | Couchella

In honor of the Coachella that would have been, you can listen to our LOCALE custom “Couchella” playlist on Spotify. Including artists like Frank Ocean, Bishop Briggs, Rage Against the Machine, Calvin Harris and Lana Del Rey, it’s 24 hours of the tunes we’re all missing—minus the crowds and the cultural appropriation.  


10 | Dress for “Work”, Not for a Workout

When working from home, it can be tempting to stay in your pajamas. But you’re likely to be more productive if you put on something that makes you feel ready for the day. Make a point to change out of whatever you slept in and into something clean and comfortable before you flip open your laptop. This is the perfect reason to do No. 6; who doesn’t love a reason to shop?

11 | Get Your Sweat On 

With a slew of workout and online instruction videos, such as the internet-famous workouts by former LOCALE cover stars and Tone it Up duo Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, at-home workouts are easy peasy. You can read their story here. Grab your yoga mat or dumbells and make time to get your heart pumpin’!


12 | Make Time to Talk With Real People

Missing your friends? Thank goodness for social media and technology. From shareable memes and Snapchat to message boards like Slack and Zoom, social interaction and communication is totally doable! Here at LOCALE, Slack is our life. It’s the best way to share ideas, comments and feedback among our talented team members! Please do No. 10 before you video chat, Zoom or Facetime…please.

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