Motion Fitness Group - workout tips
Credit: Erik Isakson
Motion Fitness Group - workout tips
Credit: Erik Isakson

5 Tips on How to Make Your Workout Suck Less This Holiday Season

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Names: Scott and MaryBeth Perry
Job Title: Co-Founders of Motion Fitness Group

Credit: Erik Isakson

We get it—working out sucks, but thanks to Motion Fitness, it doesn’t have to! Their classes are designed to provide results in a fun and lively environment. Imagine a music festival feel with heart-pumping music, entertaining trainers and a motivational community. When you crush a workout at Motion Fitness, not only will you feel strong, but your spirit will be lifted, and your mindset will improve. Co-founders Scott and MaryBeth Perry believe your workout should be the best part of your day. Here are their five tips to make your workout suck less.


1 | Pump Up the Bass

Music is the motive at Motion, and their festival-inspired playlists are curated to pump you up. “We are really into EDM, some hip-hop and house music. We go to festivals all the time…and we brought that upbeat element into our workout space,” explains Scott. 


2 | Sweat With a Squad

workout tips from motion fitness group
Credit: Erik Isakson

Having accountability keeps you motivated, and community is key at Motion. “Everyone is welcome; we want everyone to feel seen,” says MaryBeth. 


3 | Vanity Isn’t the Vibe

Since Motion is a place without mirrors, you can stop worrying about how you look and focus on how working out makes you feel. “It opens your lens to an outside experience, like, ‘Look at all this fun happening around me,’” shares MaryBeth.


4 | Switch Things Up

From the equipment you use to the layout of the gym, each day looks different at Motion Fitness. “We change the room every day, so when you come in, it’s like this fresh energy every time,” says Scott.


5 | You vs. You 

workout tips - motion fitness group
Credit: Erik Isakson

“When it comes to working out, you are your biggest competition, which is why Motion Fitness hosts personal challenges to make you feel like a champion! It helps build camaraderie,” expresses Scott.

Motion Fitness Group
2737 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA 92612

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